Great Commercials

Being born in Queens, New York in the late 60s and then ultimately getting placed in Dallas ,Texas around 1976. I grew up watching some incredibly great commercials that were just so naturally entertaining they still live in my mind today. Do you have your favorite commercial of your childhood? I know there’s a lot of mine. One of the great commercials I remember is the chuckwagon commercial where the dogs chasing the chuckwagon in the chuckwagon disappears into the kitchen cabinets.The Pills-berry dough boy .The classic Coke commercial I think the words were “I’d like to buy the world a Coke” to sing perfect harmony. The Coke commercial was one of the most greatest commercials of all times. Then there was a commercial with the kid eating the cereal Mikey likes it.

Apple Computers famous 1984 commercial

1984 Apple Computers TV Ad Is The Answer To A Question in A Free Game APP By Honey Dee Games
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